Being Recruited

Listed below are the following players that have shown strong dedication to the game of volleyball and wish to take their game to the next level.  Click on the players name to get more information. If you are a college coach and have any questions, please contact us at

Boys Power Players

PlayerTeamPositionGraduation YearSchoolHeight
Aaron FoxAaron FoxBoys 18 BlackOutside Hitter2018Pittsburg6'5"
Alec RiveraBoys 17 BlackOutside Hitter-Heritage5'11"
Andrew NickersonBoys 16 BlackOutside Hitter-Monte Vista6'0"
Andrew SturgeonBoys 16 BlackOutside Hitter-Campolindo6'0"
Brenden BarryBrenden BarryBoys 18 BlackOpposite2018Heritage6'3"
Carlo MattosBoys 16 BlackMiddle Blocker-Heritage6'1"
Clarke ClemmonsClarke ClemmonsBoys 18 BlackOutside Hitter2019Monte Vista6'2"
Cole ManaliliBoys 17 BlackOpposite-Heritage5'8"
Daniel XiaoDaniel XiaoBoys 18 BlackMiddle Blocker2019College Prep6'1"
Dominic DelgadoDominic DelgadoBoys 18 BlackLibero2018St. Patrick - St. Vincent5'7"
Graham KingGraham KingBoys 18 BlackOutside Hitter2018San Ramon Valley6'0"
Jackson KirkeBoys 17 BlackMiddle Blocker-Acalanes6'5"
Jonathan GomezJonathan GomezBoys 18 BlackOutside Hitter2018St. Patrick - St. Vincent5'10"
Justin WaltersJustin WaltersBoys 18 BlackOpposite2018Deer Valley6' 2"
Maxym SuttonBoys 16 BlackSetter-Heritage5'11"
Michael LiewBoys 17 BlackDS2019College Prep5'9"
Preston CushingBoys 16 BlackOpposite-Heritage5'10"
Robbie PerinoBoys 16 BlackLibero-De La Salle5'11"
Rolan OdsaikhanBoys 16 BlackMiddle Blocker-Las Lomas6'1"
Rylan McKeeRylan McKeeBoys 18 BlackSetter2019Bentley6'2"
Sean GilbertSean GilbertBoys 18 BlackMiddle Blocker2018San Ramon Valley6'5"
Spencer ReichSpencer ReichBoys 18 BlackMiddle Blocker2018Deer Valley6'2"
Tergel UuganbayarBoys 16 BlackMiddle Blocker-Las Lomas6'3"

Girls Power Players

PlayerTeamPositionGraduation YearSchoolHeight
Jazmine FelipeGirls Power 16 EastSetter---
Maci BabbGirls Power 16 GreenSetter---
Megan GoGirls Power 16 BlackSetter---
Paige MagaleiGirls Power 16 EastOutside Hitter---
Grace HigginsGirls Power 17 BlackOpposite2019-5' 11"
Analiese AlmgrenGirls Power 18 BlackLibero---
Priscilla SounGirls Power 16 BlackSetter---
Marina MagsayoGirls Power 16 EastLibero---
Isabella McMeansBeing RecruitedMiddle Blocker---
Maya HanckGirls Power 17 BlackSetter2019-5' 6"
Mackenzie GrippBeing RecruitedMiddle Blocker---
Nicole BriarGirls Power 16 GreenOpposite---
Ashely SchwilkeGirls Power 17 BlackOutside Hitter2019-5' 8"
Madeline KaliliGirls Power 18 BlackSetter---
Alejandra MartBeing RecruitedMiddle Blocker---
Alyssa KrullGirls Power 18 BlackMiddle Blocker2020--
Ysabella BenitezGirls Power 16 EastLibero---
Natalie RenoGirls Power 16 GreenOutside Hitter---
Alexandra DudziakGirls Power 17 BlackOutside Hitter2019-5' 10"
Lauren WallaceGirls Power 18 BlackOutside Hitter---
Haley CoronadoBeing RecruitedOutside Hitter---
Emma FoxGirls Power 16 GreenOpposite---
Sarah WestergrenGirls Power 17 BlackOpposite---
Sophia OlsonGirls Power 18 BlackOutside Hitter---
Claire DraegerGirls Power 16 BlackLibero---
Jocelyn FelipeGirls Power 16 EastSetter---
Maya SchifferGirls Power 16 GreenSetter---
Rachel GoGirls Power 17 BlackSetter2019-5' 4"
Angelique StepanoffGirls Power 18 BlackOutside Hitter---
Emma Rose LoweryBeing RecruitedMiddle Blocker---
Sofia DreessenGirls Power 16 GreenOutside Hitter---
Megan SharpGirls Power 16 EastOpposite---
Gabriella GuerreroBeing RecruitedMiddle Blocker---
Holly JordanBeing RecruitedMiddle Blocker---
Katie WilliamsGirls Power 17 BlackMiddle Blocker, Opposite2019-5' 9"
Gabby ChaseGirls Power 18 BlackOutside Hitter---
Emily IngrassiaGirls Power 17 BlackMiddle Blocker2019-5' 10"
Imani VontoureGirls Power 16 BlackOpposite---
Lauren BrandtGirls Power 17 BlackOpposite2019-5' 11"
Jillian YickGirls Power 18 BlackDS---
Gabriella TringaliBeing RecruitedMiddle Blocker---
Kelly RuffBeing RecruitedMiddle Blocker---
Lindsey WelkerBeing RecruitedMiddle Blocker---
Daekota FungGirls Power 17 BlackLibero2020-5' 5"
Danika SauceloGirls Power 16 EastOpposite---
Katie BindiGirls Power 16 GreenOutside Hitter---
Allison RouseGirls Power 17 BlackLibero2019-5' 7"
Daphne SauceloGirls Power 16 EastOutside Hitter---
Katarina RodersGirls Power 16 EastOpposite---
Parker JungGirls Power 16 GreenLibero---
Emily HockenberyBeing RecruitedMiddle Blocker---
Kimya PeyvanGirls Power 16 BlackLibero---