Girls Division Info

Power and Premier League Description

Diablo Valley Volleyball Club is a non-profit organization founded to provide junior boys and girls the opportunity to improve their volleyball knowledge and skills.  It is our goal that each player will find the Diablo season rewarding, educational, and fun!  Diablo is a member of USA Volleyball (USAV) and the Northern California Volleyball Association (NCVA), and operates under their rules and Code of Conduct.   This is our 25th year offering the Diablo Power and Premier League Girls divisions…  We have a few main club philosophies that we would like to share with you:

  1. Provide a friendly and family-like atmosphere where all of the girls feel supported by the coaching  and administrative staff.
  2. To develop the players skills in a competitive, fun and positive environment.
  3. To promote good sportsmanship and also to develop life skills.
  4. To encourage each player and team to improve to their potential by season’s end.

The majority of our Diablo players have shown incredible dedication to the sport as well as to Diablo in general – the players are wonderful and things seem to be getting better every year!!  We hope to have you involved in the program this upcoming season!  Please feel free to read our by-laws on the website for more information…

Season Commitment: Practices for the Power and Premier League teams will begin with practices at the end of November then the teams start up full swing in January.  We will try to have practice times posted online as soon as possible so that players/parents can get an idea of the time commitment and days of the week for practices.  Practices are listed on the website under Girl’s Division and posted by the age division/coaches names.  Teams have an average of 1 ½ – 2 hr. practices two days a week. The times you will see listed online now for each team/coach as well as the exact coach placement listed online is subject to change based on tryouts. The main sites we use for practices are:

Tice Valley Gym, Foothill Middle School Gym, Walnut Creek Intermediate Gyms in Walnut Creek, Seven Hills

For our Brentwood/Anitoch teams we will use Adams Middle School, Heritage High School, and Los Medanos College

On occasion we might have to use Acalanes High School, Lafayette, San Ramon Valley High School, Danville and  Berean High School in Walnut Creek.

The Diablo Power and Premier League teams participate in the same amount of tournament dates and have just about the same amount of time on the court practicing throughout the season as well.  All of  our Area/Power League teams will attend the Far Westerns Junior National Qualifier in Reno, NV scheduled for April, 2018 (as long as the coach is able to attend).   The teams will participate in their Power or Premier League Tournaments as well as non-league tournaments plus two “special tournaments” (ex. President’s Day, Spring Classic or CA Kickoff – will depend on coaches schedule and preference) as well as the Far Westerns in Reno mentioned above.  Some of our Power League teams will participate in an additional JN Qualifier.  (Additional cost for this tournament)

Tournament Sites/Schedule are posted on each teams web page

Power-league teams will participate in tournaments anywhere within the Northern California region – that would be Chico to Fresno (or farther south) and anywhere in between!  Most power teams will also be involved in out of state Junior National Qualifiers.  Play time is not equal and must be earned by each player.  Communication between coach and player is important.  Chain of Communication – Phase 1 – Player and Coach – Phase 2 – Player, Coach, Parents – Phase 3 – Player, Coach, Parents, Board member

Premier-league teams will participate in tournaments usually within a 60-90 minute drive of Walnut Creek (however, 2012 had many tournaments in Rocklin & Petaluma so, just be prepared, we go where the NCVA sends us and to gyms that are available).   We do not know the sites of the tournaments usually until about a week in advance but, as soon as we find out we will post it on our website as well as send out emails to all of the families.  Usually the Qualifiers and Regional tournaments are held at Convention Centers.  Play time is not equal and must be earned by each player. Communication between coach and player is important.  Chain of Communication – Phase 1 – Player and Coach – Phase 2 – Player, Coach, Parents – Phase 3 – Player, Coach, Parents, Board member

Season cost includes:         (Our Diablo exact season cost is subject to change until we get the costs from the NCVA) Coaching Fees, Tournament Entries, Gym fees, Insurance, NCVA team fees, NCVA individual membership, NCVA Coach Membership & NCVA coach/chaperone background checks, uniform items, equipment, coach hotel at Far Westerns, etc… Club fees do not include travel to any tournaments that require hotel/food/transportation costs.

Take care and thanks so much – we hope to see you at tryouts in November!

Sean Stratton   – President      925-451-6581     Teresa Stratton    – Director