Coach Kyle Willhite

Over the past 8 years, I have been involved with Diablo Valley Volleyball Club as a player and a coach. As a high school freshman that has never played the sport competitively, it never occurred to me how significant this sport would affect my life. I never thought that I would have been able to accomplish what I have had it not been for Diablo Valley Volleyball Club and my coaches along with the countless relationships I have had the pleasure of making with the coaches, players and families. I have had the opportunity to be molded by coaches who have been around the game their whole lives and who have proven their success either on the court or as a coach. Over four years of playing for Diablo, I have seen my game rise to a level that I never even thought possible, teaching me the skills to compete at the college level. I began playing volleyball in 2006, on Diablo’s a 16-2’s team. The coaching that I received helped me maximize my full potential and I was able to make the 17-1’s the following year and the 18-1’s after that. My 17’s year we took 5th in all of Northern California and my 18’s year we took 3rd under the direction of coaches Brian and Kevin Fujinaga. This transformation did not only take place at the club level, but the high school level as well. After my first season with Diablo, I made the varsity team my sophomore year at College Park High School, where our team made it to NCS for my three years on varsity and won the NCS DIV 1 title in 2008 as the starting outside hitter. After high school I also played volleyball for the University of California, Santa Cruz where we took 3rd in the inaugural NCAA DIV III tournament.

Needless to say volleyball is my life and it is my passion to deliver the knowledge and experience I have gained to every player I have the opportunity to coach. As much as I like to be a technical coach, I believe it is teamwork and playing for each other on the court that makes a team the most successful, as well as creating an atmosphere of competitiveness. Every touch a player takes is important for their improvement as a player and my job is to make sure each player knows that. Volleyball is so fun when a team is able to challenge and push one another to get better in a positive way and that is my goal to achieve.